Sunday, August 10, 2008

GParted (Gnome Partition Editor)

So I wanted to change the size of a couple of my partitions on my HD and move stuff around. My older DOS version of Partition Magic 8 doesn't seem to like working with Vista and also seems to be a bit weird about handling my 1TB drives. So I looked around a bit and found GParted which is pretty cool.

It works fine with Vista and XP and large disks. Just a couple issues I've run into:

1) If you resize a Vista boot partition, you need to use your Vista Disc to "recover" the partition after the resize and then things will work fine.

2) GParted is much much slower than I remember Partition Magic being. I mean *REALLY* *SLOW*. Sure it works but be prepared to let it run for about 24 hours straight to resize a 700GB (only 50 GB used) partition on a 1 TB drive. I think PQMagic would have done the same thing in about 1/10 the time since it ignores empty blocks.

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